Why Are Pokies Addictive and Fun to Play?

Pokies are the favourite past time of many Australian players and some may argue that yes, pokies are addictive. However, this does not have to be a bad thing.

In this article we will try to explain what it is that makes pokies so fun and interesting to play and why many players enjoy the experience of playing pokies so much to the point of finding them addictive.

Are Pokies Addictive or Just Easy to Play?

Pokies are without a doubt the driving force of the entire online gambling industry and they can become very addictive. But why is this? The first reason is the ease of play.

From all the available options, pokies are the easiest casinos games to play for real money. You don’t need to have any skills or know what the game is about in order to play. All you need to do is make a deposit, start the game, set your bet size and you’re ready to go.

This is the same rule for any pokie at any casino. Compared to table games where you need to learn the rules and payouts of each bet, pokies are simply bet and spin games. This means that every player can enjoy playing any pokie the casino has to offer.

Pokies can give Big Payouts

Another reason why pokies can become addictive is the fact that they can produce big payouts. This can happen even while playing on a minimum bet. You can easily hit a payout of 1,000 times the total stake or more, which is enough to get hooked on that particular pokie hoping to repeat the same payout. But pokies can pay much more.

If you play some of the most popular pokies, the jackpots can win you millions of dollars. The thing is that on many jackpot pokies you have a chance to win the top jackpot even while playing on a minimum bet. So players can easily become addicted to these pokies, playing small deposits on minimum bet, hoping for a massive payout.

Many Bonuses are Available on Pokies

Online casinos make it very easy for players to play online pokies. You can claim a bonus at pretty much every online casino and have a long gaming session on pokies. This is great, especially for low roller players, since you can make a minimum deposit, claim a big bonus and play for a long time.

This way you will have fun playing for a very long time, at a low cost. Bonus promos also come in handy if you want to make a smaller deposit, but still have enough to play higher bets on the pokies. This way you can hit bigger payouts and still have a good chance to clear the water and make a withdrawal.

You can Play Pokies Solo

The reason why many players like pokies is the solitary play. It’s just you and the game, without any other factors or disturbances. When you play table games you don’t have that, as you have to wait for other players or for the cards to be dealt. But with pokies it’s you VS the machine and no one else.

You kind of zone out and shut everything else, focusing only on the screen. This is why many players can spend hours and hours playing pokies. This is one time when the saying “time flies when you’re having fun” really does come true.

Pokie Rewards Encourage You To Keep Playing

Positive reinforcement gameplay is something which is characteristic for pokies which have a big number of pay lines and stacked symbols.

This is also native to most low variance pokies. You will have noticed that on some pokies it seems like you are winning on any spin. But the fact is that if you are betting $1 you win less than $1, mostly like $0.50, $0.30, $0.20.

You see the win on the screen as the lights flash and your brain records it as a win. But in fact, you are losing a fraction of your bet. This is positive reinforcement gameplay. You are in fact losing but the pokie is making you believe that you are winning.

It’s no wonder how you can play for a very long time on these games, without winning or losing too much in the process. These games are usually preferred by casual gamblers who want to get the most of their deposit. In the end, making a $20 deposit and playing for 4-5 hours is money well spent.

Pokies are Exciting - Adrenaline Rush!

The main thing that makes pokies so addictive is the adrenaline rush of a big win. Every player has experienced this and can tell you how addictive it can become.

When you play pokies and you hit a bonus round the anticipation for the outcome is sky-high. The adrenaline starts pumping as you see spin by spin go by. When the big win on the screen finally comes through it’s like and ecstasy of pleasure.

A study was conducted on the effects of hitting a big payout on pokies on the human brain. Scientists managed to pinpoint which zones in the brain were activated when a big win appeared on the screen. It turns out that these are the same centres of the brain which are activated when you consume drugs or make love. So you can easily see how stimulating the gameplay on pokies can be for the player. With this in mind it’s no wonder how many players simply fall in love with playing pokies and winning big.

So Are Pokies Addictive or Just Plain Fun?

It’s easy to see how pokies can become addictive for online pokie players alike. But like in any other activity the most important thing to do is keep control. If you don’t have control over your gambling you can easily end up in big problems very fast. So the best way to approach pokies is as a leisure activity.

You should only play pokies as a fun past time and not as a means to make a profit or a living. You need to remember that the odds will not always be in your favour and you need to be prepared to lose. In the end pokies are meant to be fun and once the fun is gone it’s time to stop playing.