How to Make Pokies Payout

Wondering how to make pokies payout? Every online gambler has theories of their own on how to make the coins rain down.

Yet the reality is that when playing real money pokies it all comes down to luck. There’s no way to guess whether a pokie is going to payout or not - that’s why they’re so fun!

Think about it: if there was a way to “make” pokies payout money at will, someone would surely have discovered it already. Online casinos would be out of business.

Still,  there are some strategies which you can use in order to optimize your game play and increase your chances of winning on pokies. First let’s look at the facts.

When Do Pokies Payout?

At first glance, pokies seem like very simple games. You set your bet, set the number of pay lines and start spinning. Everything from there on is pure luck. But there’s much more to pokies than meets the eye.

In fact this is a very complex machine making calculations in a fraction of a second. All pokies are run by a Random Number Generator (RNG). This generator ensures that every spin in the game is random and in no correlation to the previous one. Thus, predicting the outcome of the next spin is virtually impossible.

Pokies Payout Variance

Every pokie has a set level of variance, which determines the frequency of pokies payouts. Generally there are two levels of variance:

  • Low variance pokies payout small to medium payouts frequently.
  • High variance pokies can pay big but this happens rarely.

But this isn’t a general rule. The variance in combination with the RNG results in an irregular game play. A low variance pokie can eat away your balance just as easily as a high variance pokie can. On the other hand you can hit a bonus round in the first 10 spins on a high variance pokie and hit a monster payout.

This uncertainty is what makes pokies fun to play. You never know when you’re gonna win big or go bust.

Pokies Payout and RTP Value

Every online pokie has a Return to Player value. This is the amount the pokie is promoted to give back to players over a period of time. So, many players decide to play pokies which have a higher RTP value hoping that the chances of winning will also increase. But again the RNG and the variance of the pokie come into action so you can’t really be sure that a high RTP pokie will pay more than some other with a lower RTP value.

Which Pokies to Play?

The choice here depends how you decide to approach pokies in the first place. Many players decide to go for a mathematical approach. They choose to play low to medium variance pokies with a high RTP value.

This can work in many cases, especially if you play on higher bets. You can play low variance pokies and gradually increase your balance. There are also other players who want the big jackpot payout. These players tend to choose high variance pokies and play on high or medium bets.

This strategy can also work since with enough balance and some luck you can hit a great bonus round and a payout of several thousand times the total stake. But again, the RNG of the pokie breaks all rules so you never know how a pokie will behave.

Myths About Making Pokies Payout

There are many myths which you can come across the internet on how to make pokies payout. Some of my favourites ones are to play on max bet or to play a hot game.

You can discard the max bet rule right away. If you have money to play $200 per spin I don’t know why you’re gambling in the first place.

For hot and cold games, well, that’s just silly. There are no hot or cold games as every spin is random and in no correlation with the previous one. Here we can add the rule if a pokie paid big it won’t pay again. Again RNG and no correlation to previous sessions.

So I Can’t Make Pokies Payout?

Well, sorry to disappoint you but you can’t. The best thing you can do is to make a game plan and stick to it. It all depends on the balance you are playing with and your ambitions how much you want to win.

You also need to learn the games and know what each pokie is capable of doing. Playing random pokies may turn out great from time to time, but it’s better to play pokies you already know. Here are some tips on how to win on pokies.

1. Follow the 100 Spins Rule

When playing any pokie make sure you have enough balance to play 100 spins. Many games will award a bonus round within 100 spins and you can win big in one of them with some luck on your side. So when you make a deposit make sure to have enough balance for at least 100 spins on 2-3 pokies.

2. Play Pokies with Good Bonus Rounds

There’s really no point to hit a bonus round on a pokie where you just can’t win big. Some pokies have very weak bonus rounds where you can barely hit a payout of 100 times the total stake. Always go for pokies which have an attractive bonus feature like high win multipliers, expanding wilds or sticky wilds. It’s all down to luck whether you’re gonna win big or not in the feature, but you can win much more in a bonus round with good features.

3. Play Pokies Which You Know Pay

Pokies are random games, but if you play a pokie long enough you start noticing some patterns. They don’t always work, but this can help you increase your chances in winning.

For example you can notice that some pokie pays poorly in the first 50 spins, but starts paying bigger in the next 50 spins. So you can use this to your advantage and try the same pokie at different casinos. It won’t work every time that’s for sure, but the odds are better than playing some random pokie you know nothing about.

4. Look For No Deposit Bonus Pokies

Yep, you should start playing with the casino’s free cash without needing to deposit. This is how you start learning which pokies payout and which don’t! Get started with some excellent no deposit bonuses at our recommended Australian online casinos: