Secrets of Winning Pokie Jackpots

How to win jackpots on pokies is the million dollar question which every online player has asked himself at least once during his gaming sessions.

Every online casino has at least a few jackpot pokies in their offer where they promote huge jackpot prizes. On some real money pokies the top jackpot can be only a few thousand dollars, but on others it can range in the millions.

The thing is that no one really knows how to win the jackpot on pokies for sure. If they would the casinos would be out of business. But still there are some strategies which you can use and some details which you should take into consideration if you decide to go for the ultimate prize.

In this article we will try to explain in as much detail as possible on how to increase your chances in winning the jackpot.

Make Sure you Have Enough Spins

Jackpots differ from regular pokies just for the reason that they come with a jackpot prize attached. In return this makes the game harder to win during base play. So if you decide to chase the jackpot on some pokie make sure you have spins available to go after it.

Many players will tell you that you need to have around 500 spins, but in reality you need a lot more and even that doesn’t guarantee that you will come anywhere near winning the top prize.

Still in the end it all comes down to your luck. There are example of winners winning jackpots from $30 deposits and and on the minimum $0.25 bet pokie games, so it can be done!

Play on Minimum Bet Pokies

At many online pokie casinos you can find jackpots where you need to play on the maximum bet size in order to qualify for winning the jackpot. The maximum bet differs from one pokie to another.

So a certain jackpot pokie can have a maximum bet per spin of $6.25, while another one can have a $200 bet per spin maximum bet limit. But chasing the jackpot on pokies like these is incredibly costly.

If you’re just a regular player at the casinos you certainly won’t have the funds to play these pokies. So, what you need to do is find pokies where the jackpot can be won on any bet size, including the minimum bet.

This way if you have luck at the casino and win let’s say $500 you can afford to risk $100 of your winnings to chase the jackpot.

If the minimum bet on the pokie is $0.20 per spin you will have enough balance to play 500+ spins. Even if you win nothing at least you tried and you will still make a decent withdrawal from the casino.

Choosing the Right Game To Win Jackpots on Pokies

It’s very important to find the right pokie game when choosing where to play, it can make the difference between winning the jackpot or  not.

Some jackpots have incredibly weak base RTP and no bonus features or a simple bonus round. On these games you are guaranteed to lose faster (the maths is against you) than you would on a pokie which has a stronger payout game and a good bonus round.

So you need to find a pokie where you can win big in the bonus feature as well. This way if the bonus round pays big you can still keep on playing the same pokie, but now you’re playing with the casino money chasing the jackpot.

This was a well known strategy across Playtech casinos where players were chasing the jackpot on the Marvel pokies. These games had very attractive bonus features where players would win big and reinvest the winnings on the same pokie or some other, while chasing for the top jackpot prize.

Aim for the Smaller Jackpots

We all want to win that multimillion jackpot, but the truth is that you’ll need to be incredibly lucky for the mega jackpot to light up your screen and end your financial worries in one spin.

It’s always a better idea to go for the pokies which have smaller top jackpots ranging in several thousands of dollars. The odds will be in your favour even if the payout isn’t too big. If you manage to win one jackpot like that each month you can live a pretty comfortable life.

Play with Money you can Afford to Lose

This is the best advice every experienced player will give you when it comes to playing jackpot pokies.

So before you start chasing that jackpot which will change your life make sure you only play with money you can afford to lose. Never play with the presumption that you are going to win the jackpot and all of your troubles will be gone.

Many players have taken that road only to end up in debt and in a lot of trouble. Remember, pokies are games of chance and the odds are not in your favour. This is particularly the case for the mega jackpot pokie games.

So, when you decide to chase the jackpot do it with a fraction of your winnings and stick to a strategy you have chosen. For example you can invest 20% of your winnings to aim for the jackpot.

This way you will make sure that you still make a withdrawal when you win at the casino, while you try your best to win jackpots on pokies.